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Horticultural ladder

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Need a new garden ladder? Where will you be working, how high up will you be and will you need a platform to stand comfortably for long periods of time? Also, remember to go for a garden ladder with an extendable height of slightly more than you need, so you can avoid trying to stretch beyond your reach. Made from 0.

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Horticulture team partners with Food Ladder

Strathmore Super Duty Orchard Ladders. Be the first to review this product! Přidat do košíku. Přidat do seznamu přání Přidat do porovnání. Strathmore — Sturdy, safe, and durable! They support up to pounds. Strathmore equips these ladders with full 3-inch wide rails. Reinforcement beads add additional strength, and rounded edges provide worker comfort during prolonged use. The 3-inch wide steps feature a non-skid design. Wear ridges add durability and longevity to these steps. A reinforcement rib maximizes strength at what is usually the weakest point of similar ladders.

Strathmore equips these orchard ladders with an extra-strong pole tube. Strathmore outfitted these ladders with composite upper and lower plug holes.

This composite material makes them much stronger than more common wooden plug holes. The extra-wide base and flared design of these ladders provides a much safer and more stable base.

This shape forces the climber to stay toward the center of the ladder as they ascend. Rough environments call for a tough ladder — these fit the bill. Strathmore engineers their ladders for strength, safety, and longevity.

They manufacture each one in their hometown of Strathmore, California. Strathmore Super-Duty Orchard Ladders make the perfect self-supporting platform. They prevent damage to your delicate and expensive fruit and citrus trees. Whether you are picking, thinning, or pruning, these are the perfect ladders for you! Choose from an 8-, , or foot size below. Need a custom size?

Give us a call! Both the 10 and foot ladders must ship via motor freight. They are not eligible for free or reduced shipping offers.

Přeskočte na konec galerie obrázků. Přeskočte na začátek galerie obrázků. Write Your Own Review. Rating 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Emailová adresa. Add your photo. I recommend this product. Submit Review. E-Mail Deals: Sign up to receive sales and exclusive news!

Market Gardening, a Ladder to Progress for Bolivians in Argentina

Zdá se, že JavaScript je ve vašem prohlížeči deaktivován. Pro nejlepší zážitek na našem webu nezapomeňte zapnout JavaScript ve svém prohlížeči. Tripod Ladders are lightweight, tested to a professional standard, stable and designed specifically for safety working at height on uneven, soft and sloping terrain. Our Platform Tripod Ladder retains the same features of the standard Tripod Ladder, while offering additional security and peace of mind to anyone slightly more cautious about working with their feet off the ground. A flat top allows you to rest baskets or tools. The ladder is made from welded aluminium alloy extrusions, meaning it is lightweight, robust and weatherproof.

Tripod Ladder – Adjustable. Tripod ladders with adjustable legs. These ladders have the same features as the standard tripod ladder but are more suited to.

Tripod Ladders

Browns Safety Services » Blog » Health and safety in the garden. While gardening may feel like a pleasurable, relaxing activity — especially when the sun is shining — there are still many potential incidents and accidents to be made aware of. In this article, we discuss our simple tips for health and safety in the garden. A large proportion of these accidents occur from falls, cuts and lifting injuries — all of which could have been easily avoided with the right access equipment and by following basic safety precautions. Taking shortcuts. Make sure you use the right equipment and ensure everything is set up correctly. Those few extra minutes put into the preparation and planning can help to ensure your safety. Lack of skill or training.

Lincoln horticultural firm fined £30k after worker fell from ladder

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Set your local branch

Following an incident that took place at a Cheshire site of William Sinclair Horticulture Limited, the company has been fined for breaches of health and safety regulations at two of its sites. Darren Taylor, a worker aged 40, was working at the Ellesmere Port site of the company, helping with the cleaning of conveyor belts. In order to remove guards from the machinery, to facilitate cleaning, he used a ladder. The ladder moved as he climbed up, causing him to fall around 1. An investigation of the incident by the Health and Safety Executive HSE , found that a safe system of work had not been put in place for either the use of ladders or the cleaning of conveyor belts. A risk assessment for the process had not been carried out, and the workers conducting the cleaning had not been trained on how to use ladders in a safe manner.

17 Ingenious DIY Vertical Ladder Planter Ideas For Container Gardeners

Multiple-use water services MUS has emerged as an approach to water services better suited to meeting people's multiple needs in peri-urban and rural areas of low- and middle-income countries. Agriculture-based livelihoods depend on water in many ways. Of course, water is needed for drinking, sanitation, cooking, personal hygiene, laundry and general cleaning. It is also needed in many small-scale or domestic enterprises including livestock watering, horticulture, crop irrigation, tree growing, fisheries, pottery, brickmaking, arts, butchery, car washing, ice-making and for ceremonial purposes. Water professionals in NGOs, the domestic water sub-sector, various productive sub-sectors and knowledge centres have increasingly become aware that the single water uses enshrined in the mandates of their organisations do not reflect the practice of their clients who take water from multiple sources and use it for multiple purposes. The action research project 'Models for implementing multiple-use water supply systems for enhanced land and water productivity, rural livelihoods and gender equity' was conducted from to , aiming to overcome sectoral boundaries and to identify, test, study, and scale up opportunities for MUS. Partners included water users and grassroots movements, local private service providers, national NGOs, governmental domestic sub-sector agencies and representatives from the productive sub-sectors, local government, and national knowledge centres.

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To send an email to Farmlands, please fill in this form and click 'Submit'. Děkuji. We operate as a crop production specialist, working with commercial growers to provide innovative and dependable advice, solutions and service.

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Unlike traditional ladders that need to lean against something, a tripod ladder can get close to a hedge by positioning the extending back foot into or alongside the hedge. Tripod ladders are also broader at the base than at the top — making them extremely stable — perfect for tree pruning, hedge trimming, and fruit picking. Some also have three adjustable legs — so you can find a stable level to work at even on very uneven ground. Jaké jsou možnosti? There are various different brands, which vary in price, depending on the number of features they have.

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Greek valerian Polemonium caeruleum is a clump-forming perennial that earned its common name due to the rung-like arrangement of its pinnate, light green leaves. However, it is the flowers of Greek valerian that are the real attraction. The species form and its various cultivars send up clusters of flowers atop long stems in mid to late spring. Most varieties have delicate bell-shaped flowers in shades of purple and lavender, but there are also white, pink, and yellow varieties available, and all attract common pollinators. The bright blue or purple varieties are among the most popular, blooming in clear tones offset by yellow centers. The delicate foliage and the fluorescent color of the flowers make Greek valerian a favorite for shady areas.

It is stark figures like these that have led to programs such as Food Ladder to be established. Food Ladder is a social enterprise for Indigenous communities around the Northern Territory. At the moment, the program is focusing on building greenhouses to provide fresh vegetables in those communities.Lina Challita je manažerkou hydroponiky potravinářských žebříků a její role zahrnuje pomoc s výstavbou skleníků, správu hydroponického systému a poskytování skleníkových školení různým komunitním skupinám.

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