Flowers mediterranean garden

Flowers mediterranean garden

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Flowers mediterranean garden

At 'Meyers', Mediterranean garden principles have been utilized to give the family plantings a unique look.

By Danielle Duda

For the past five years, “Meyers” family landscaper Erin Meyers has played host to the annual Best of State California landscaper of the Year, held at Garden Inn in Tracy, CA. This year she invited me to travel to her garden to see the finished result.

For the past five years, “Meyers” family landscaper Erin Meyers has played host to the annual Best of State California landscaper of the Year, held at Garden Inn in Tracy, CA. This year she invited me to travel to her garden to see the finished result.

“Meyers” won the title for Best of State for being one of the few landscape companies that won Best of State over a five-year period. The process is rigorous and details that a garden company puts forth are important to winning. Meyers has impressed her judges with her expertise in a short amount of time. When I arrived onsite, we toured her “Victory Garden”, the largest and most visible project on her land.


The garden serves as both a public space and a therapeutic environment for Meyers’ elderly parents who live onsite. When they are outside, they are surrounded by water features and whimsical trees, when they return inside, the atmosphere becomes more warm and homey. Meyers designed a low-maintenance landscape that is visually stunning.

These delightful features can be seen in each corner of the garden. The magical gazebo is in one corner, a hanging flower basket in another. A wide pool is surrounded by low stone walls and a fountain. These features bring a large sense of joy to the family.

Mediterranean Garden

In the garden, meyer’s has introduced several key features from the Mediterranean garden. The curved wisteria that has grown for 15 years now complements the boxwood hedges of the garden. Mediterranean plants are hardy and survive much harsher winter conditions than other plants. The 'Meyers' team chose to use the beautiful Arina spirea (white spirea) for part of the design, a hardy plant that will continue to grow in the garden.

The layout and design of the garden give the plants the space they need, so they can continue to bloom throughout the season. Meyers’ employs a palette of plants that are easy to grow and will continue to bloom all year long. One of the garden’s most popular features are these cascading vases that provide the perfect atmosphere for anyone visiting the garden.

Limitations in area and time are obvious obstacles for most homeowners and land owners. But if an interior designer is willing to think outside of the box, he or she might be surprised at the results that they can create.

It has been said that landscapers are judged on appearance, while interior designers are judged on functionality and overall space utilization. Erin Meyers has shown me how easy it can be to create a beautiful landscape that enhances your home. Not only is it possible, but it can also be done well within your budget and time constraints.

Dívat se dopředu

The garden is not just an important part of Meyers’ life – it is also a key component of how she designs her landscape. She created the community garden where she volunteered for four years. The award-winning Best of State California landscaper of the Year plans to design for her next landscape, as well.

As Meyers prepares to begin her next project, she shared how she managed to grow her garden so successfully over the past five years. She credits her experience as a team member and resident volunteer of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), her two books, published in 2003 and 2004, and her own intense research of gardening and plants as key to her success.

“I have learned that if I want something to thrive in my garden I have to create the right atmosphere for the plant to thrive. There are many different climates within the city and many different factors that impact the climate of a home and my outdoor area. If the gardener puts in the right plants, a space can be naturally transformed into an outdoor living room. A Mediterranean-style garden has many of the elements I look for: herbs, such as thyme and rosemary, also an assortment of flowering shrubs, several varieties of trees and large leafy plants, that stand tall against the elements.”

For those interested in learning more about her garden or how to design and maintain a Mediterranean-style garden, Meyers will be presenting a special seminar at the ASLA's 2017 annual meeting in Palm Desert, CA.Bude diskutovat o tom, jak vybudovat venkovní prostor ve středomoři a jaké faktory pomohou vytvořit úspěch rostliny.

Pro tohoto klienta je důležité navrhování venkovního prostoru bez vystavení drsným zimním větrem. Názory zlepší jejich domov a poskytnou nejpohodlnější letní klima.

Navrhl Michael Greenman z Greenman Landscape Design

Jedná se o projekt hardscape s betonovými dlaždicemi. Když jsou pozemní povrchy čištěny od trosek a nečistot, existuje mnoho způsobů, jak učinit tento prostor atraktivní a ještě více pozvání pro rodinu a přátele.

Klientka chtěla pro svou rodinu příjemné prostředí a několik pěkných výhledů. Tato hardscape terasa a venkovní obytný prostor zlepší domov.

Vojatá sladká marjoram je pro tento web perfektní volbou a nyní jsou celé léto sladké, příjemné vůně. Zde ožily trvalky s pozicemi

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