Loropetalum in landscape

Loropetalum in landscape

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With dazzling flowers and evergreen foliage, loropetalum adds year-round interest to the landscape. Also known as Chinese fringe flower, this member of the witch hazel family produces clusters of delicate flowers from mid-winter to early spring when the garden is just awakening. Buy loropetalum plants — Order shrubs online and have them shipped right to your door. Chinese fringe flower is easy to grow , even for novice gardeners. These sturdy shrubs are virtually carefree when given the right growing conditions. Native to China and Japan, loropetalum comes in a range of sizes and shapes, from dwarf groundcovers to larger upright varieties.

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Become a Daydream believer

The information presented on this page was originally released on March 5,It may not be outdated, but please search our site for more current information. If you plan to quote or reference this information in a publication, please check with the Extension specialist or author before proceeding. A proč ne?

Loropetalum should be a staple landscape shrub in every garden. When grown in shady situations, much of the foliage remains green.

Loropetalum typically begins blooming in early spring and then sporadically through the rest of summer. I love the pink to red flowers of the burgundy-leaf selections. The flowers of loropetalum are unusual, having strap-like petals reminiscent of the flowers of a winter-blooming favorite, witch-hazel. This feature is not surprising since they are in the same family. Because of the strap-like flowers, loropetalum is commonly called Chinese fringe flower, and it is native to China and Japan.

The selection called Burgundy was named a Mississippi Medallion Winner in , and it is still a landscape favorite. This selection will grow to 10 feet or more if left unpruned or trimmed into a fine small tree form. The foliage is reddish purple and can turn bright orange in the cool fall air. Ruby loropetalum is a smaller form that freely flowers all season with pretty pink flower clusters.

New foliage emerges ruby red before maturing to dark burgundy. I really like the distinctly weeping Purple Pixie loropetalum, which makes it a candidate for the spiller plant in a combination container. The evergreen foliage is a deep purple-burgundy. As a ground cover, Purple Pixie spreads up to 4 feet wide and only about 1 foot tall. Loropetalum is also a good choice when considering watering needs.

This plant tolerates the drought conditions we frequently experience in our Mississippi gardens and landscapes. One of the most common mistakes gardeners make when planting loropetalum is planting too deeply.

Never plant deeper than the top of the container, and dig the hole at least twice as wide as the container. Amend the native soil with good organic matter when filling in the hole. This material will give the loropetalum roots a good base to grow out into.

You are here Home News This spring demonstrates advantages of loropetalum. Information Possibly Outdated The information presented on this page was originally released on March 5,Southern Gardening.

Gary R. MSU Extension Service. Contacts: Dr. Photos for publication click for high resolution image :. News Story Contact. Your Extension Experts.

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Loropetalum shrubs are known for the razzle-dazzle way they fire up Sarasota, Florida landscapes. Yes, Loropetalum is a feisty shrub with lots of attitude. Also known as Razzleberry, this cold-hardy evergreen boasts hot-pink flowers but is chosen more for its spectacular leaf color. Several varieties exist, with plum being among the most popular. Loropetalum reaches up to 6 to 15 feet tall but is most often pruned as a shrub. This moderate grower is a brilliant choice for hedges and borders.It can even serve as a focal-point cluster for landscape beds.

Loropetalum chinense, also known as The Fringe Flower is an outstanding flowering shrub. It dropped out of favour for a while, being considered a “Grandma's.

Loropetalum in the North Florida Landscape

Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. To use the website as intended please Accept Cookies. Alphabetical Plant Listing. View or Create Collections. Compare Loropetalum - Chinese Fringe Flowers. Hardiness Zone 2. Light Levels Full Sun.

Jazz Up Your Foundation Plantings

Zjistili jsme, že jste v pěstování zóny. Create a look like no other with the Ruby Loropetalum. Also known as Chinese Fringe, this stunning plant features ruby-red new growth that matures into a striking burgundy. Bright, ruby-hued new leaves turn deep purple in autumn, giving your garden a remarkable four-season view. And that's not all - in the summer, the plant blooms with bright pink clusters of fringe-shaped flowers, changing your landscape dramatically.

Loropetalum is a garden stand-out not just for its richly colored foliage but also because it sets off everything else in your landscaping. It's grown more for the beautiful leaf color rather than the small hot pink, fringe-like flowers.

Loropetalum as an option in landscape design

The work to be done on the exterior was so extensive, we had to remove all of the overgrown plantings around the house. But the great thing about starting a landscape virtually from scratch is the ability to reimagine the first impression of the house and choose quality shrubs and perennials that are specifically designed for our southern climate. Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Southern Living Plants. I was compensated and received plants in exchange for my honest opinions and review. All photos, designs are my own. Thankfully, we were able to preserve the large maple tree on the left-hand side of the house despite some aggressive trimming.

Loropetalum Shrubs Liven Up Florida Landscapes

Is an expression often used when seeing a Loropetalum in full bloom. This shrub has great leaf color, flowers often and is cold hardy. Its foliage is a reddish-purple burgundy and matures to a purple green. The leaves are oval to rounded and about two inches long. They are somewhat crinkled with a lighter coloration on the underside.

Loropetalum and gardenia are shrub standards in Louisiana landscaping. Consider these new varieties to improve landscape performance and use.


Chinese fringe flower is a popular landscape plant in California for its red evergreen foliage and its showy red flowers in the spring. In April , a sample was submitted to the California Department of Food and Agriculture diagnostic laboratory from Sacramento County as part of an inspection of a nursery for Phytophthora ramorum. A sample was taken from Loropetalum chinense because the inspector noticed very small spots and defoliation in the crop, even though P.

Compare Loropetalum - Chinese Fringe Flowers

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What is generally required is a tough guy, a plant that comes through summer and winter and still looks fairly unscathed. What follows is a short list of lean, green machines that are heat tolerant and low maintenance with at least one key ornamental feature that makes it stand out. Most are evergreen. All, except those noted, are deer resistant. Most grow feet or feet tall and wide. Regular water during dry spells insures maximum bloom.

As a Portland landscape designer I have many clients who want exciting winter color in their landscapes.

This loropetalum will make you a daydream believer

Chinese fringe flower Loropetalum chinense , is an often-overlooked shrub for warmer climates. This witch hazel relative has softly crinkled evergreen foliage and profuse clusters of lightly scented, spidery flowers similar to its winter-blooming cousin. Many varieties have deep purple or burgundy leaves, a unique trait not typically seen in evergreen shrubs. Another attractive feature is its layered branching habit. Native to woodland regions of the Himalayas, China, and Japan, Loropetalum blooms in early-mid spring, with occasional re-bloom throughout the growing season. The sophisticated appearance belies its ease of growing and virtually maintenance-free nature, making it a suitable choice even for novice gardeners. With a variety of foliage and flower colors, sizes and growth habits, this versatile shrub is a welcome addition to any style landscape.

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